Sales puke: it’s a disease that plagues many salespeople and, unfortunately, is so common that many don’t even realize they are suffering from the infliction. Or, perhaps you have been the unlucky recipient of the dreaded sales puke– and as you know, it’s never a good experience!

So what is sales puke?

Sales puke is the excessive sharing of a sales pitch, including a never-ending list of features and benefits, which does not allow the customer to get a word in edgewise.


You may have experienced sales puke in the past, if you’ve come in contact with:

  • A pile of brochures
  • Canned presentations
  • A lack of questions
  • Minimal customer interaction
  • One-sided conversations led by the sales person
  • Discussion of features or services that do not align with the customer’s needs


If left untreated, sales puck could result in the following:

  • Reduction in sales volume
  • Lack of referrals
  • Little-to-no testimonials
  • Price objections
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Dis-interested customers
  • Wasted time

What is the cure?

Here’s the good news, if you suffer from a bad case of sales puke, it’s not too late. Here the prescription I would suggest: ask questions and listen!

We all have two ears and one mouth—use them proportionately! Learning about your customers and discovering their needs will allow you to provide an appropriate solution, improve customer satisfaction and confirm more sales.

A successful salesperson will always work with their customer’s needs in mind.