Do you find that your customers are reminding you more and more of the Great Houdini? One minute they are here and the next minute they’ve disappeared, never to be seen again?

Perhaps they aren’t returning your phone calls or responding to your emails. Maybe, in that last meeting you even heard those dreaded words, “we’ll call you.”

Where did my customer go?

More often than not, a salesperson delivers a stellar proposal just to have communication come to an abrupt stop. Congratulations, you are in voicemail jail!

You may be wondering, is it me? Do I smell? Why is this happening (again!)? Where did my customer go?

A little preparation goes a long way

Having been backstage at this magic show many times before, I can tell you exactly where your customers are: they are in a place of fear. Afraid of making a decision, afraid of making the wrong decision, afraid of handing over their savings, thinking “am I making the right choice?”

The good news is, it doesn’t need to be this way. You can stop the disappearing act before it even starts by anticipating your customer’s fears, having some empathy, and being there as a therapist to provide the peace of mind they need.

There is money in therapy (and sales)!

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