When asked if I am a “glass half-full” or a “glass half-empty” kind of person, my response is always the same. I am just happy to have a glass with something in it! It has nothing to do with being optimistic or pessimistic, it has everything to do with being thankful. Furthermore, being grateful is good for you and those around you. Across three experiments (Robert Emmons & Michael McCullough, 2003) researchers found evidence that the experience of gratitude leads to positive psychological, physical and social outcomes.

In between facilitating courses for Killing Herb Inc. and Search & Rescue Navigation courses at the Canadian Coast Guard base, Killing Herb Inc. participated in the second season of the business TV series called “The Hard Way” (hardway.ca). Our episode recently aired, and our client success story for this season was a clothing designer. It was interesting to study and find the sales similarities in this line of business as cold calling, booking meetings and presentations took on utmost importance. We also added many new clients in many new industries as word of our success has spread. We have continued to work with our long-term clients, delving into new topics and areas of learning. Our team has grown yet again, with our newest addition being Erin Davis in Edmonton. Erin brings great energy to the team as well as an in-depth knowledge of the buy-learning process.

With a focus on the success of others, this article’s go-forward action is: being thankful. As mentioned above, being thankful has positive benefits for all involved. A question for you:

What if you woke up tomorrow and the only people around you were the ones that you thanked?

How many people would there be? A simple “thank you” can go a long way. As you sit and read this, please identify one person that deserves your thanks (there are many!). Take moment to jot down a thankful note followed up with an “I look forward to the next time we connect” and your signature. Then put the note or card in an envelope, write down their address (no return address necessary, it adds to the mystery!) and drop it in the mailbox.

May your attitude of gratitude continue to grow and flow!