Dave Swenson, Sales Manager, Carlson Body Shop Supply Ltd.

Quoted from a reference letter:

When Carlson first considered implementing a sales training program, there were reservations about the investment and what type of return could be expected. The body shop supply industry is very mature and our salespeople are experienced, we had concerns about how Killing Herb Inc. could help them learn new techniques.

Killing Herb Inc. did not rush our decision; you recognized our buying process and worked with us to overcome our concerns. By having me attend one of your sessions, I was able to determine the value for Carlson and recommend implementing a 3-day workshop tailored specifically to our industry and for our salespeople.

While many of the sales reps have provided positive feedback, the results being enjoyed far exceeded our expectations. In the 90 days since Killing Herb Inc. delivered the course we have an additional $1.2 million dollars in revenue that is a direct result of our sales reps using the techniques K.H.I. provided.

Any company that is truly committed to customer satisfaction and relationship selling needs to get into their customer’s head. The training clearly shows the way to get there. Businesses that don’t understand and implement these basic principles will be left behind.

I look forward to a rewarding relationship with Killing Herb Inc. and highly recommend your services to any organization interested in increasing customer satisfaction and the productivity of their sales force.