Bryan Chubb, Vice President, Maxxam Analytics

Within hours of “Getting Into Your Customers Head”, I was able to put into practice some of the Chopko GEMS. One that worked incredibly well was the IVAC technique. I encountered a situation where one of our larger customers had a project go sideways over a series of issues that had piled up and finally they reached their breaking point. I did a project follow up after being tipped off about the situation and I put the IVAC system to the test. The call went incredibly well. I was able to isolate her concerns, let her vent and just focus on listening. In the end she gave me the solution that we both could agree upon so that we could put this issue behind us and move forward. This challenge, if not handled with the IVAC approach may have ended in a lost account (worth over $400K), now I’m confident we will emerge with a stronger relationship.

Thanks Dennis for a great course. My entire team is stoked at the potential of putting our new knowledge in action over the next 90 days. We are armed with new practical skills that will allow all of us to hit our goals and be more successful. This course was different than all others I’ve been through – it was not just full of fluff and high fives – I’m glad we crossed paths.