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Valerie Stey

This has been the "BEST" training I received since starting my sales career 15 years ago. So many concepts, tools, presented that I will be able to use with each and every customer, new and prospecting.

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Dave Wallace

An excellent course - a perfect balance of information and participation. I agreed with virtually all points presented and all information can be realistically implemented in day to day activities without drastically changing one's personality or involving an unrealistic amount of time.

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Claudio Lucente

Dennis is passionate about sales. He takes the pressure off the sales representative by providing great tools and approaches to help sales representatives understand client needs and expectations.

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Nathan Kung

The GEMS are great!

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Kim Domino

Very practical, "dummy" proof program. Great!

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Dennis K.

GEMS that have specific actionable tips. I can take them and use them as is or adapt to suit my style. MONEY IN THE BANK!

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Fred Chen

Dennis Chopko has elevated my level of skill as a sales person. I have no doubt that the techniques I have learned will make me excel in my interaction with people, not just customers.

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Athena Juneson

It was fun, engaging and lots of very valuable, useful REAL Gems that I can use in my everyday life as a salesperson. Thank you Dennis!

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Curtis Eickhoff

I enjoyed the whole program. I really liked the fact that it was so practical and useful. The GEMS were excellent. I feel like I can use many of the tools right away to improve my sales and personal development. Dennis - you are a fantastic instructor and sales person. Ask me for a referral, I would be happy to reciprocate.

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Baron Scott

Thank you Dennis for adding valuable tools to my sales work box.