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Carrissa Speager

Great course! Had lots of fun learning a new way!

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Larry Houghton

Fabulous training! Looking forward to implementing these in my daily dealings.

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Rick Vermeesrch

I have been on a few of these. Despite that, I came in with a positive attitude and open mind. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I learned a lot of new approaches to old issues. I can't wait to start using the new tools I now have.

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Derek Fraser

Very timely. The material is real and applicable. The "GEMS" will greatly enhance my performance and my team. The best sales training I have experienced to date.

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Waylon Sharp

Your professional approach made the course more credible. Further, your systematic approach to providing us with useful tools made it easy to conceptualize its application immediately.

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Elaine Grant

Your truth, belief and commitment to the tools and practical examples bring this to the next level of active implementation.

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Stacey Ross

I felt the entire program was very valuable, the gems are excellent.

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Nancy Jenkins

You are very motivating, perfect level of professionalism, just the right amount of enthusiasm and not overly "sales-ey". I am anxious to put my new knowledge to work with all of these gems.

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Jen Farquharson

I thought the whole course was excellent and I'm excited to get out and use some of the gems! You're a wonderful speaker, I liked your enthusiasm!

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Kristen Burmeister

What a great eye opener and lesson into the life of sales. I love that the entire premise is based on the customer's point of view. Often I find that we can easily lose site of that or take our clients for granted. I am really looking forward to using these tools.