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Fred Chen

Dennis inspires one to be at their best in their role as an effective leader in sales and business.

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Karen Gilbert

Excellent delivery, very personable and earnest. Dennis' passion is obvious and really makes an impact.

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Susan Carlson

We will use the wheel in show homes to share with our customers. We will become buyer consultants - not sales people.

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Zach Amyot

Very refreshing. It's nice to see a course focused on the customer and what they are going through as opposed to sales pitches and techniques that are conventionally taught.

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Erin Davis

I look forward to working with you and transforming myself and the sales team!

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Alison Dewar

Dennis you're a fine wine only getting better over the years. I learn something new each time. You're motivational, smart and charismatic. Can't wait for the next lesson. Thank you.

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Ashley Tarapaski

This is the best sales course I have taken. It makes great sense to me because I can't stand high pressure selling. I feel that I can use everything in the program. Dennis is a great instructor. He is great at engaging people and keeping their attention.

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Dominika Marek


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Bryan Chubb

Another great KHI session! Investing in the people at Maxxam is what will take the company to the next level. KHI is our strategic advantage.

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Elaine Raskeb

I found your techniques you use in teaching great. You involved everyone and made me feel very comfortable. I normally tend to sit back and not answer questions. You are very interesting to listen to.