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Pete Patterson, COO/Cofounder, Vitalis Extraction Technology

We met about 18 months ago through a referral. I was impressed immediately when we first spoke on the phone. You were very clear about the services you offer, while politely and very efficiently lead me through your own sales process as you confirmed our partnership. We interviewed several firms for the opportunity, but your team was ultimately the best fit. I thought to myself as we had our various discovery meetings "wow, I want my sales reps to handle themselves exactly the way that Dennis does through this buying process."

Everything you promised, you followed through and exceed expectations. Our team's confidence has increased, professionalism has dramatically improved, and overall sales effectiveness has improved.

It's been a pleasure working with you, and I'm excited to continue our journey together.

Pete Patterson

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Marc Giroux, Manager, Learning & Development, Fountain Tire

Dennis has facilitated numerous workshops for both our store and corporate office associates.

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Karen Davies

"One of the benefits of working on The Hard Way television show for me has been meeting you and Trevor and having a glimpse into the awesome work that you do. I have always been so leery of sales people but you and Trevor bring a touch of openness and honesty and true professionalism in both the message you deliver and the way that you deliver it and conduct yourselves. It has been a genuine pleasure working with you and I truly hope we will have the opportunity to continue this working relationship into the future.

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Jim Schmidt

"I thought I would let you know about a couple of positive things that have happened here in my territory. First off, after a VERY lengthy and persistent three years, I have finally won a large focus account from the competition. Since the beginning of this year they have placed orders totatling almost $20,000. If it wasn't for your advice and gems, I think it still might have been in the hands of the competition...Thank you..."

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Andrew White

Never before have I participated in training where the presenters are so genuinely interested in the success of its participants. Refreshing and inspiring! Thank you!

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Quinn Smith

Simply put: Awesome...Great job Dennis! These tools will unlock the door to extraordinary results for my team!

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Michelle Cunningham

I have taken multiple sales courses. This by far exceeds all of the previous. It is very thorough and structured. I am looking forward to looking at my accounts and really understanding where we are in the process and what the next steps are. Thank you.

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Sam Lyons

With respect to service, I think the doctor role is very important in truly understanding your clients' needs. I personally think this is a well developed program with tools that can easily be applied in everyday life. Well done.

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Alaina Hunter

Excellent. I learned so much and I felt engaged and focused for the entire course. It wasn't like a usual training course where you want to nod off half way through. The GEMS will be very helpful.

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Kyle George

I really like the real world examples that support the results and techniques taught in the course. I always appreciate these courses. If I focus on the success of the material learned today, I feel my success will naturally follow.

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