It has been said that luck is when preparedness and opportunity meet. Therefore, to make the most of an opportunity to help, we must prepare. This article’s go-forward action suggests that you learn first aid. Practicing and administering First Aid is a gift to everyone around us. It is truly focusing on the success of others. As part of my Coast Guard training, I have acquired my First Responder designation and first aid is top-of-mind. Keep a first aid kit close, either in your desk or in your car. This way a small amount of preparation might just deliver a “…. spectacular achievement…” when helping another.

In addition, preparation is also a key factor for success in sales. A few small steps of preparation prior to a sales call can create huge results. Consider these tips “first aid for salespeople”. Have your salespeople prepare and document their five diagnostic questions (Doctor Role – History, Symptom, Cause, Complication, Cure) before attending a customer meeting. That is ideal. If, in reality, your salespeople have not properly prepared their diagnostic questions for an imminent sales call, have them follow the Killing Herb Inc. “Notepad GEM”.

Killing Herb Inc. “Notepad GEM”:

Prior to meeting with a customer, have the salesperson write down the following headings on a notepad –

  1. Current Situation
  2. Areas of Improvement/Challenges
  3. Solution Ideas

By asking questions about these three headings and taking notes, the salesperson will start identifying the customer’s current situation and needs. A good start with minimal preparation. Make pre-call planning a focus because we know that “[s]pectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.”