Shawn Hauck, Course Facilitation and Business Development

Shawn-Hauck-300x271After paying his dues doing every kind of sales job known, Shawn Hauck found a way to differentiate himself in the marketplace – matching his selling process to the way today’s customers buy. Always looking for ways to improve and evolve, Shawn heard about the Killing Herb Inc. customer-focused sales program and immediately signed up. Not only did the customer-focused approach match Shawn’s own selling style, the Killing Herb Inc. motto of “…. focusing on the success of others…” resonated. Shawn implemented the process and the sales success stories soon followed.

Shawn started his first promotional sales company at the age of 21 and then opened 4 more locations across Western Canada, outselling similar businesses in the large markets of Toronto and Vancouver. This success led to customer-focused consulting work across North America focused on training salespeople and maximizing sales territories. With his personal passion for building relationships, Shawn has built numerous over-performing sales teams in different industries – some of which still hold sales records to date. A self-professed “Sales Nerd” along with his customer-focused approach to sales and employee-first approach to training has taken him from salesperson to Sales Manager, and now to National Sales Trainer where he has helped his current company grow from a 12 million dollar company to 21 million dollar company over the last ten years.

We are proud to have Shawn as a Killing Herb Inc. client advocate.

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