Dennis Chopko, President

sales training and customer focused sales trainingDennis Chopko is proud to be a professional salesperson. He is a passionate practitioner and perpetual student of Customer-Focused Selling.

Dennis speaks from experience. Over the past fourteen years, Dennis has successfully evolved from business-to-business sales to sales manager to sales consultant, where he has made the call, coached the call, and taught the call. Having had the opportunity to sell, manage and consult in numerous industries, Dennis has the ability to dissect the science of sales down to its simplest form.

image-11Since 2003 Killing Herb Inc. has helped businesses and salespeople across North America successfully implement the powerful principles contained within the “Getting Into Your Customer’s Head” book and program. So much so that Dennis has participated in a re-write of the book with visionary author Kevin Davis. The new book, titled “Slow Down, Sell Faster” is a complete how-to manual for principled customer-focused sales people.

The results for Killing Herb Inc. clients have been outstanding. Client success stories include increasing wholesale business sales by 54% within five months, a sales team that previously never achieved quota that has now surpassed its fourth year of record shattering sales, improving a client’s market share from 9% to 23% in less than nine months, and the list goes on. These results and many more, all spawn from Dennis’ personal motto: If we focus on the success of others, our success will naturally follow.

Dennis Chopko’s practical “street wise” experience combined with his energetic passion will continue to transform salespeople and the world of customer-focused sales for years to come.

Community Involvement

As part of his community involvement, Dennis Chopko is also a proud crew member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary in partnership with the Canadian Coast Guard is a major player in Canada’s national search and rescue (SAR) response network. It is a non-profit volunteer organization that is dedicated to search and rescue and safe boating activities. The mission of the Auxiliary is …to provide a permanent day and night search and rescue service to cover marine requirements in Canada and prevent the loss of life and injury.



Dennis Chopko

The President of Killing Herb has successfully moved his way through the hierarchy of sales over the past decade. From "door to door" sales to provincial sales manager he has made the call, mentored the call, and taught the call.

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If we focus on the success of others, our success will naturally follow.

Dennis and the Killing Herb Course knows selling. Customer focused selling from the buyers point of view, not yours! And that's the key.

- Doug Zackodnik, General Sales Manager, CKLM 106.1/CFNA 99.7 THE GOAT, Lloydminister, Alberta

The techniques helped facilitate the growth of wholesale sales, which has grown by 54% in the following 5 months after the training, compared to the same time frame last year.

- Danny Ulmer, Assistant General Manager, Silverwood Toyota

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