Dennis Chopko, President


Dennis Chopko, and his company Killing Herb Inc. are successfully changing the cadence of business through the application of principled real-world tools and training that concentrate on customer-focused sales, customer service, business communication and effective leadership. Using techniques developed through experience, research and collaboration, Dennis and his clients have produced dramatic results. Dennis’ ideas, passion and enthusiasm have redefined how businesses approach customers and employees. Dennis has delivered training and keynotes across Canada and the United States including his Coaching & Leadership program in Las Vegas. In recognition of his efforts, Dennis was recently nominated as a Globe & Mail “Transformational Canadian”. When not immersed in Killing Herb Inc., Dennis is busy navigating the seas as a volunteer for the Canadian Coast Guard – Search & Rescue.

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Shawn Hauck, Client Advocate & Guest Facilitator


After paying his dues doing every kind of sales job known, Shawn Hauck found a way to differentiate himself in the marketplace – matching his selling process to the way today’s customers buy. Always looking for ways to improve and evolve, Shawn heard about the Killing Herb Inc. customer-focused sales program and immediately signed up. Not only did the customer-focused approach match Shawn’s own selling style, the Killing Herb Inc. motto of “…. focusing on the success of others…” resonated. Shawn implemented the process and the sales success stories soon followed.

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Scott Hussey, Client Advocate & Guest Facilitator


With an extensive sales background of more than 30 years, Scott is a proven sales leader who believes in inspiring and motivating teams. He has worked in many different industries involving business-to-business sales, business-to-customer sales and retail. Scott has been called a “student of the business” who loves to learn and help others. Wearing many hats from VP of sales, director of sales, general manager, and branch manger, he continues to hone his skills in sales and sales management.

Scott was one of the trailblazers in studying the psychology of selling 15 years ago. He continues to use the process with his current team and teaches it every day. Scott has delivered keynotes on the power of buying local and most recently delivered a keynote in Nashville on how to build a compelling business story and selling your organization to your customers. He has spoken in Washington and many cities in Canada.

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Donnie Atkinson, Client Advocate & Guest Facilitator

Donnie has been involved with the Killing Herb Inc. Customer Focused Sales and Sales Management Philosophy since 2001. He has utilized the process as a sales representative, a General Sales Manager and as a business owner. Donnie has not only been an ambassador of the program with his own teams but has also helped deliver the program nationwide. He has helped sales teams with both the training and implementation of the process.

In the first year of using the program, Donnie’s sales team saw 20% growth in top line revenue and has increased new business by 15% year over year.

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Trevor Lines, Client Advocate & Guest Facilitator


Trevor Lines is a dynamic salesperson, facilitator and coach. He has spent over 10 years surpassing sales budgets and making an impact in various telecommunication sales roles. Most recently he has worked in radio sales as a Marketing Consultant, and previously has worked as a Sales Manager where he oversaw a provincial direct-sales team. Trevor’s success is driven by his customer-focus and his ability to deliver tailored solutions that help clients achieve their ultimate goal – increased business and customer loyalty. He was recently awarded a prestigious service award by the radio station’s largest client for excellence in sales and marketing.

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