Everyday we lead our teams by expressing our thoughts, opinions and expectations. This is only half of the communication process needed for interpersonal effectiveness. The other half is listening and understanding what others communicate to us. As with all skills, we must practice listening. Here is the Killing Herb Inc. go-forward action for this New Year’s letter:

  • Select a new music album/CD of your choice
  • Once you have selected and bought your album/CD, play it in the nearest player and listen to the first song for the first time
  • Once you have listened to the first song, turn the CD player off and try to recall and write down as many lyrics as you can by saying them out loud
  • Listen to the song again to see how you did

Become a more effective listener. Practice active listening with your colleagues and make it one of your best communication skills.   If we want to be heard, we must listen.