It is the choices we make today that determine the outcome of the year ahead. Who knew Bill Murray’s underwhelming movie “Ground Hog Day” could teach such an important philosophical lesson. Just like in the movie, we wake up everyday with another chance to make things right. And here’s the interesting bit, we are always presented with the same two choices! The decisions may change but the choices always stay the same. Ironic isn’t it. Each new day presents us with two choices over and over, always the same:

  • The Easy Choice
  • The Hard Choice

So why, with labels such as “easy” and “hard”, are we continually challenged with making the “right” choice? Labels can be misleading.

First, let’s look at the Easy choice. It sound’s easy, right? It isn’t. Its only reward is that it is easy at the beginning.   This initial ease quickly gives way to an avalanche of negativity. You may be able to avoid the karmic avalanche for a while, maybe even years, but when it finally hits (and it always does), WHAM! You are now paying a price that comes with a mountain of negativity.

Now, let’s look at the Hard choice. It sound’s hard, right? It is… but only at the beginning. The concealed beauty of the hard choice is that although you take it on the chin, hard, sometimes really hard, it is only hard at the beginning. Once you have dealt with the initial storm of the hard choice, the clouds part to reveal a brighter horizon. This horizon eventually clears and the sky is the limit. Not only do you experience a positive outcome, the future forecast looks bright as well.

The daily decisions we face may come in different shapes, sizes and disguises, but make no mistake; they all represent the same two choices: The easy choice and the hard choice. You know which is which. “It is choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.” Embrace the way of the hard choice and make this your best year yet.