As every farmer knows, the quiet days after a harvest are best put to use in planning the next crop. What crop are you planning for next year? As the economic environment alters our growing conditions, we would be wise to cultivate our fields today so they will reward us tomorrow. What seeds can you plant today that will ensure business development and customer loyalty in the future? If you want your business to yield positive future results, you must nourish “…. the seeds that you plant…”. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

The first principle of growing a business is to keep what you have already established. Make sure you focus on serving your best customers. Remember, your best customer is your competitor’s best prospect. The second principle of growing a business is to identify new customers with whom you would like to do more business and plant the seed for a relationship. Then, remove time from the equation and nurture the relationship as needed. Today’s executives are recognizing that the key to sustainable sales growth is not so much “closing” sales as it is sowing, then nurturing relationships. Time always was, is and always will be now. Action always happens in the present and all growth depends on action. What action are you going to take today? What seeds will plant?