Dennis' Deliberations

Always learning, always evolving.  At Killing Herb Inc. we are much more than just a sales and sales management training organization, we are a customer-focused philosophy.  In every endeavour we try to improve and enhance the lives of our participants.  Using the vehicle of sales and sales management, Killing Herb Inc. delves into the deeper questions surrounding human interaction.  Combining a love of sales, reading and philosophy, Dennis has identified a few philosophical musings of his own.  Please find the thought-provoking deliberations below.

  • If opportunity doesn’t knock, go knocking.
  • If we focus on the success of others, our success will naturally follow.
  • It is not the way we want the world to be, it is the way the world really is. The sooner we accept this, the easier the world becomes to navigate.
  • Never resist resistance; Steer, don’t push.
  • It is very hard for someone to say “no” to a proposal that they have created.
  • Sales is not about giving good answers and problem solving, it is about asking good questions and problem finding.
  • The better we understand how people buy, the better we can serve. The better we can serve, the better we can sell because our recommendations now have meaning.
  • Always eat breakfast, you can’t lead on an empty stomach.
  • When you lead the learning, you learn to lead.
  • We are always learning, always evolving.
  • Even though it comes in different costumes, make-up and masks, we wake up everyday to the same choice – the easy choice or the hard choice (and you always know which is which). The problem with the easy choice is that it is only easy at the beginning, and then it gets progressively harder. The challenge with the hard choice is that it is at it’s hardest right at the beginning, but then it gets progressively easier. Embrace the way of the hard choice!
  • Give them what they want until they want what you want to give them.
  • You get what you seek.
  • Some people would rather smash the mirror then address what they see in it.
  • When asked if I am a glass half-full or glass half-empty kind of person, my response is always the same – I am just happy to have a glass with something in it! It is not about being optimistic or pessimistic, it is about being thankful.
  • It is a fine line between using your judgment and being judgmental.
  • You don’t “close” sales, you confirm sales.
  • Ask don’t tell. The question mark has a hook on it for a reason. A question “hooks” their attention and their pre-frontal cortex. It then becomes their thoughts and their words, which they will remember more than anything we could tell them.
  • You can hope in one hand and crap in the other. See which fills up faster. You must take action.
  • The toilet paper should always roll off the top of the roll… unless you have Kleenex available.
  • Everyday is a gift. Accept the present.
  • The good guy does finish last. Ask yourself what kind of race life is? Do you want to finish first?
  • Sweat is the currency of health.
  • It is not everything in moderation, it is everything in prioritization.

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