Customer Experience is the design of the interactions your customers have with you from beginning to end.

  1. A Flag Bearer (not necessarily the CEO)
    1. a single point of accountability (SPA)
    2. someone with a CX background (or someone with a burning desire to learn + lead)
    3. CEO doesn’t have to lead but must believe and approve an operating budget
    4. SPA must attend industry events to represent the brand and acquire knowledge
    5. share wealth of knowledge to organization
  2. Vision
    1. Plan before you build
      1. Definition of success?
      2. Measurement of success?
      3. Who is on the team?
      4. What is the strategy?
      <ol> </li> <li>Create a list of companies that inspire you
      1. study them
      2. connect with them
      3. visit them if possible
      </li> <li>Determine the current state of your CX
      1. SWOT analysis
    2. Alignment
      1. Bring awareness to misalignment
        1. speak to department leaders
        2. share vision
        3. discuss ways to be more aligned
      2. Hold a customer journey mapping workshop
      3. Regularly review customer feedback
      4. Schedule a Customer Advisory Board
      5. Support and hold each other accountable
    3. Measure Through Metrics
      1. What gets measured gets done
      2. NPS is the recommended method
        1. Low barrier to deployment
        2. Everyone can understand it
        3. Actionable and easy to find trends
      3. Avoid use of the word “weakness”
      4. Invest in Education
        1. Never stop learning and refining skill sets