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Business to Business Sales

  • Why and how to get closer to your clients
  • Defining & understanding the client’s decision-making/buying psychology
  • Deliver GEM techniques that immediately improve sales effectiveness and customer loyalty
  • Learn sales roles that match buying psychology
  • Tools for studying and identifying prospects
  • Dealing with gatekeepers
  • The telephone approach
  • GEM techniques for prospecting
  • How to uncover big needs that increase the value of your product/service
  • How to build buying urgency
  • How to overcome loyalty to another supplier
  • How to elevate your contact levels
  • How to shape decision-making criteria
  • How to repackage received competitive weaknesses into strengths
  • Questions to ask before presenting pricing/proposal
  • Fear/conflict/negotiation resolution GEM
  • How to design a solution for customers that highlights the unique capabilities your company has to offer
  • How to build a winning sales proposal
  • How to make a winning sales presentation
  • How to prepare for customer-focused negotiations
  • Learn why traditional objection handling techniques backfire
  • Gaining agreement and asking for commitment
  • Shaping expectations
  • Follow-up call template
  • Planting the seed for new applications
  • The psychology of gaining referrals and testimonials
  • How to approach and sell the complex buying team
  • Learn GEMs for getting appointments with senior decision-makers
  • Help sales people deliver consistent and repeatable sales results
  • Build a formal sales/communication process that is measurable from start to finish