We have all likely experienced it—the distaste for a salesperson pushing their own agenda. Whether it be a door-to-door salesperson, who just won’t accept “no” as an answer, or a telemarketer that happens to phone every night at dinner time, most of us have all been rubbed the wrong way by a salesperson at one time or another.

Genuine connections

But, just imagine, what if it didn’t work that way? What if we lived in a world where salespeople were replaced with Buyer Advocates? I’m talking about individuals who make genuine connections with buyers and who take the time to learn their needs and provide guidance on the best solutions.

A buyer advocate can be a successful salesperson who happens to always focus on customers needs first (link to blog post no. 2).

As a customer, imagine being able to completely trust your Buyer Advocate and never have to question their motives. What would this allow you to do? Be more satisfied with your purchases? Reduce your stress levels? Achieve higher ROIs? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, maybe not…

Change of approach

You have the ability to be genuine and change your approach to that of a Buyer’s Advocate. To be consultative and put your agenda aside while you learn your clients’ needs. To help your clients gain greater successes and, also, build your business through referrals and repeat customers.

It starts with one and the more people that adopt this approach, the closer we will be to changing the face of the sales industry.

Ask yourself, how have you been genuine in your approach to sales?