Would you like to turn the way you sell into a competitive advantage?

Does your selling process match your customer’s buying process?

Is your company using lagging sales indicators versus leading sales indicators?

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Those of you who remember the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati can’t help but recall the “sales techniques” of Herb Tarlek. Herb was the consummate pushy sales person who over-promised, under-delivered, and had commision-breath. Although Herb was a stereotype, most of us have experienced his outdated style of selling during some consumer experience in our lives. Today there has been a major paradigm shift in business and the power now rests with the buyers, not the sellers. Enter Killing Herb Inc.

Our mission is to create a new standard of communication for customers and vendors alike, so there is predictability, accountability, and, above all else, a common respect between sellers and buyers. Through education and implementation married with our integrity and values we will change the cadence of the sales world from “buy my stuff” to “helping our customers buy”.