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Marc Giroux, Manager, Learning & Development, Fountain Tire

Dennis has facilitated numerous workshops for both our store and corporate office associates.  Not only is he an excellent and engaging facilitator, he focuses relentlessly on delivering value for his customers.  His inside sales course is a staple of our flagship Leadership Development Program, and his workshop for improving business to business sales has delivered very positive results.  One recent sales workshop - during which participants learned and then role-played outside sales best practices - enabled the class to generate enough new business to achieve a return on investment of over 200% on the cost of the less than two months.

Dennis makes it one of his objectives to understand his clients and their needs, and he takes great pride in contributing to their success.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis Chopko and Killing Herb Inc. to any organization that is interested in improving their sales results and securing long-term relationships with their customers.

Tyler Dawson, President, Jumpstart Sales & Marketing Inc.

Quoted from a reference letter:

The results speak for themselves, when we compare our month end sales numbers across our entire team from before your training program compared with the results one month after your training program we noticed a 51% increase in sales averaged across all of our Salespeople that participated in your training.

We also sincerely appreciate all the follow up work you have done with our Team after your course was completed. You have demonstrated that you truly care about your clients before and after the training is complete.

Bryan Chubb, Vice President, Maxxam Analytics

Within hours of "Getting Into Your Customers Head", I was able to put into practice some of the Chopko GEMS. One that worked incredibly well was the IVAC technique. I encountered a situation where one of our larger customers had a project go sideways over a series of issues that had piled up and finally they reached their breaking point. I did a project follow up after being tipped off about the situation and I put the IVAC system to the test. The call went incredibly well. I was able to isolate her concerns, let her vent and just focus on listening. In the end she gave me the solution that we both could agree upon so that we could put this issue behind us and move forward. This challenge, if not handled with the IVAC approach may have ended in a lost account (worth over $400K), now I'm confident we will emerge with a stronger relationship.

Thanks Dennis for a great course. My entire team is stoked at the potential of putting our new knowledge in action over the next 90 days. We are armed with new practical skills that will allow all of us to hit our goals and be more successful. This course was different than all others I've been through - it was not just full of fluff and high fives - I'm glad we crossed paths.

Dave Swenson, Sales Manager, Carlson Body Shop Supply Ltd.

Quoted from a reference letter:

When Carlson first considered implementing a sales training program, there were reservations about the investment and what type of return could be expected. The body shop supply industry is very mature and our salespeople are experienced, we had concerns about how Killing Herb Inc. could help them learn new techniques.

Killing Herb Inc. did not rush our decision; you recognized our buying process and worked with us to overcome our concerns. By having me attend one of your sessions, I was able to determine the value for Carlson and recommend implementing a 3-day workshop tailored specifically to our industry and for our salespeople.

While many of the sales reps have provided positive feedback, the results being enjoyed far exceeded our expectations. In the 90 days since Killing Herb Inc. delivered the course we have an additional $1.2 million dollars in revenue that is a direct result of our sales reps using the techniques K.H.I. provided.

Any company that is truly committed to customer satisfaction and relationship selling needs to get into their customer's head. The training clearly shows the way to get there. Businesses that don't understand and implement these basic principles will be left behind.

I look forward to a rewarding relationship with Killing Herb Inc. and highly recommend your services to any organization interested in increasing customer satisfaction and the productivity of their sales force.

Garry Smith, VP Waste Services Division, Hazco Environmental Services

Dennis Chopko, and the the KHI program, helped crystallize the talent, knowledge and energy of our management and sales staff into an innovative, customer-focused team with a common language and common process for working with our clients to deliver high-value service to them.

The result has been genuine client appreciation and involvement in developing our high-value and innovative services to them.

With the help of the KHI program and the ongoing mentoring, and despite regional separation, our management and sales team beats with one heart.

KHI differentiates their service by delivering a program that is intended to be ongoing and supportive to the client and by providing one-on-one assistance and mentoring to our staff at no extra charge. Many KHI clients are long term and use the service regularly.

Dennis is a salesman, a teacher, a mentor and a genuine person.

Hazco has been using KHI services since 2005 and I highly recommend them.

Doug Zackodnik, General Sales Manager, CKLM 106.1/CFNA 99.7 THE GOAT, Lloydminister, Alberta

Dennis and the Killing Herb Course knows selling. Customer focused selling from the buyers point of view, not yours! And that's the key.

Dennis Chopko will get rid of the Herb Tarlek's in your company and turn them into selling machines.

Grant Connolly, Metafore Technologies Inc.

Dennis provided very credible and common sense guidance that eludes most salespeople, including myself.  I learned skills that will allow me to better serve my clients and prospects starting today.

Danny Ulmer, Assistant General Manager, Silverwood Toyota

Thanks to Dennis Chopko's training & support, and the "Getting Into Your Customer's Head" Customer-Focused Selling Techniques, our Parts Department has learned new skills to strengthen current relationships with our wholesale customers, and develop a number of new ones.  This has given our customer-oriented Parts Team additional skills and techniques to enhance our already strong focus on our valuable wholesale customers.  The techniques helped facilitate the growth of wholesale sales, which has grown by 54% in the following 5 months after the training, compared to the same time frame last year.

Cori Peever, Canamara United Supply Ltd.

I came in a skeptic and left a believer now singing in the choir. Thank you Dennis.

Suzanne Evason, Lloydminster Source

Dennis knows the full spectrum, and more, of the Getting Into Your Customer's Head [program]. He has obviously immersed himself in the book, psychology and all subjects surrounding effective selling. I have never met anyone with his conviction of his subject and industry.

Rick Duffield, Landmark Homes

The most effective sales seminar I've attended to date full of useable GEMs which can make immediate impact on anyone's success in business and in one's personal life!

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